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Facial hair styles are in. Today we will discuss about some facial hair styles, how to grow and maintain a beard and some photo gallery for all facial hair style that are most popular in current trends.


There are many popular facial hair styles in market of fashion and style segment i.e Full beard style, Small beard style, Ducktail, Verdi, Circle Beard, Balbo, Van Dyke, Goatee, Stubble, Clean shaved, Hipster. Today we are presenting  following trending styles of facial hair styles for men in India. So lets begin....


There are a lot of chin facial hair styles that you can choose to improve your style. Some of the facial hair styles for chin are included in the goatee look. You can find men with full goatee, long goatee, wide goatee, or combination of goatee and mustache. If you have chubby face and you do not want to grow too much chin facial hair.


There is no need to follow the trend just to make your facial hair style looks trendy. At this time, you can find cool and bad facial hair styles. It is important to ask your hair dresser before you choose the best facial hair style to improve your look. Some facial hair styles that look good in some people will look bad on you.


There are many of facial hair styles and some of them are crazy. It is important to choose the one that meet your style and personality. When choosing a facial hair style, you do not have to follow the latest trend that is not too great for you. There are some crazy facial hair styles the world ever noticed. Some of them in trending.


Attractive and solid facial hair doesn’t simply grow over night. It requires investment, consideration, and commitment. To learn how to develop and how to maintain a Beard, Here are a couple facial hair grooming tips to consider.

Do you know best steps for growing perfect beard?

By and large you will require these 4 things to start your adventure towards growing a full beard.

You have to quit shaving! Clearly.
You require decent facial hair oil!
Use little hair-trimming scissors.
A facial hair brush

Do you know how to get softer beard and eliminate split ends?

Keeping up a decent eating routine, exercising and keeping your anxiety levels low will all do wonders towards growing a magnificent full beard. So, there are a few things you can do to keep your beard in top condition.

Keep your facial hair hydrated and well groomed. This will help with flaky skin around the beards territory and dandruff whilst likewise giving you delicate and luscious facial hair.

Keep the Shampoo to a minimum. An excess of sudsy chemicals will harm and dry your facial hair Why do I need beard oilout.

On the off chance that trimming your beard hair becomes a difficult task, be sure to use little micro scissors.

Quit pulling and touching your facial hair too often, this does not have any significant bearing to letting females touch your beard though.

Use facial hair oil, see point 1 above for why!

Dispose of those split ends. The most ideal method is again by using the micro scissors.

Why do I need beard oil?

Facial hair oil is a vital part of having a full, delicate, luscious and hydrated beard. Beard oils give your facial hair an incredible look, it likewise gives it an amazing fragrance and removed the dryness and dandruff. By and large the best evaluated facial hair oil we prescribe is a Natural based Beard Oil

Need a thicker beard!

Here is uplifting news and awful news. The awful news is, the thickness or thinness of your facial hair is generally up to hereditary DNA. The uplifting news is that there are a few tips to give the presence of thicker facial hair.

Cushion it. Take your fingers (or a beard brush) and delicately begin lifting up your facial hair, however don’t go too far to the point your facial hair looks cartoony and crazy.

Whiskers oil and facial hair growth cream will increase volume in your facial hair. Take a little measure of oil and run it through your fingers, than utilize your fingers in a searching motion and run it over your facial hair lightening it out. Once massaged into your beard it will give it a full and thicker look.


Full Beard Style -

Full beard style in india

Small Beard Style -


Indian Beard Styles -

Indian Beard Styles in india

 Balbo -

Balbo facial hair styles by bollywood star sharukh khan
Hipster Beard Style -

Hipster Beard Style by bollywood star
Clean Shaved -

Clean Shaved image of ranbeer singh

Stubble -

Stubble hsir style by model

Goatee Beard Style -

Goatee Beard Style by model
Ducktail Beard Style -

Ducktail Beard Style is very popular in youth.

Verdi Beard Style -

Verdi Beard Style by some popular model

Circle Beard -

Circle Beard id vry famous in bollywood and in hollywood also

Van Dyke -


CONCLUSION : ( Maintain A Beard To Be A Style Icon )
Facial hair styles have been a definitive image of manliness, since time began and have been held with much pride ever since.
One of the most often asked questions is, how to maintain a beard? Well groomed facial hair still manages to blow some people’s minds. The following information will offer you some assistance, while providing bearded devotees with tips, in keeping up with their facial hair grooming.

Choose the Look
Notwithstanding the growing of an impressive beard needs some watchful arranging and thought. Having developed your facial hair, you need to take great consideration when looking after it. Choose the look you like and try different facial hair styles to find the perfect fit.

No Shaving
Keeping your beard implies that you can’t shave your facial hair any longer. Trimming your beard consistently delays hair development. In case you’re perfectly shaven and wish to grow a beard, you can attempt to over a weekend since it may not be suitable at your work environment.

Appropriate Diet and Sleep
A regular eating routine combined with appropriate rest is the perfect healthy balance for growing a solid beard. Resting for no less than 6 hours, during the evenings will reinforce the hair follicles. Healthy foods are ones which are grown from the ground and are vegetables full of nutrition. Eaten alongside a protein-rich diet will advance a brilliant sparkle in your facial hair. Taking biotin supplements day by day will guarantee a thick and luscious face of hair.


Regular exercise frequently helps in developing and keeping a glossy full beard. The high metabolic rate and the enhanced blood flow fortify the hair development growth on your face.


Having developed your facial hair to the wanted length, it is also imperative and vital to take great Maintain a strategic distance from Stress consideration in maintaining it. Trim your beard routinely to avoid split ends. Utilize a gentle cleanser to peel the pores and wash away any oils and grime. Keep your facial hair hydrated by utilizing a gentle conditioner. Rub facial hair growth cream into your beard and use it to moisten right down to your hairs roots. Comb through your beard frequently to remove the tangles and knots in your beard.

Maintain a strategic distance from Stress

Anxiety is the greatest obstruction to solid beard development. It will discourage hair growth and increased follicle quality. Keeping in mind the end goal is the continual growth of your facial hair, you ought to get rid of upsetting situations in your life and associate with idealistically like minded individuals. Keeping your emotions under control will turn out to be an aid for a healthy beard.

Other than that, you can likewise follow some treatments before going to sleep at night. In this vital time, hair has a tendency to develop and grow during the evenings, so ensure you are well rested in the mornings.
Try not to be so focused on work so much, anxiety is terrible for everything. This can be exceptionally true for most. By following the aforementioned steps, you will have the ability to keep your facial hair growing well at all times.


So to keep your beard in good condition some tips has to follow i.e section of beard comb,beard oil, beard shampoo, beard soap and beard wax.
Beard Comb
A facial hair look over is an absolute necessity have apparatus for any individual who has chosen to grow a whiskers. However before you reject a facial hair brush as a pointless and silly extra, reconsider. A brilliant facial hair brush isn't just perfect to style your whiskers yet is in itself a design articulation. Guarantee that any facial hair brush you purchase isn't produced using shabby plastic yet rather is produced using increasingly outlandish materials, for example, cellulose acetic acid derivation and has smooth trimmed teeth that have adjusted edges. A decent facial hair brush should likewise clear one's whiskers of residue when its utilized and lead to the arrival of normal oils.
Beard Oil
Many experts on the subject of beards have stated that the ideal beard should look groomed and shiny, not shaggy and dusty. Unfortunately, many of us men who are eager to sport a beard haven’t the faintest idea how to maintain the ideal beard. An essential ingredient needed to maintain a perfect beard is beard oil. This oil helps to tame your facial mane while hydrating the skin beneath the hair all the while softening the hair on your beard as well. If you’ve decided to grow a beard, chances are you will need to use beard oil for the regular upkeep and maintenance of your beard.
Beard Wax
Another can’t do without ingredient to maintain the perfect beard is called beard wax. This wax is useful when you want to maintain your beard or mustache in a certain style or shape. You should select the right beard wax for yourself based on how you are going to be wearing your beard or mustache. The texture of your beard plays a part when you select the beard wax and so does the style you opt for. For instance, if you want a mustache with twirled up whiskers then you will probably need to use a beard wax that has a medium to strong holding strength. Remember that beard wax tends to build up wherever you apply it and so you must wash off the beard wax at the end of the day.
Beard Shampoo
Why does a man need a beard shampoo instead of a regular shampoo? Read on to find out the answer. Every hair follicle on your face at its root has glands known as sebaceous glands that secrete sebum oil without which your beard will frizzled out, become dry and likely break and have split ends. Whereas the regular shampoo you use on your head will remove ingredients such as sebum oil that is necessary for your beard to look its best, a bread shampoo leaves the sebum oils in your beard untouched leading to a fine looking beard. This is why you need a beard shampoo for your beard instead of the regular shampoo you use on your head.
Beard Soap
Lastly but not least importantly is a vital ingredient to maintain the upkeep of your beard known as beard soap. The reason that it should be used on your beard instead of the regular soap you use on your face has to do once again with sebum oil that’s secreted by your sebaceous glands. A high-quality beard soap will not only not strip away precious sebum oil from your beard but will actually contain carrier oils that are good for your beard. Such carrier oils are derived from seeds and nuts and are similar in function to the sebum oils naturally produced by your body. Hence a good beard soap will actually soften your beard and is essential to maintain a good quality beard.
So all you manly men, remember if you’ve read this intently you may consider yourself lucky because it’s not every man who can grow a beard. Those who are flirting with growing a beard should try and follow our advice as closely as possible the end result of which will be a gorgeous lush beard that is impressive to you and to those around you.

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