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If you want to become an identity in the  Indian fashion world, take care of these advances given by our experts as well as studying from any institute. These advances will give you a new facelift in the fashion world.


Identify the changing trends
Trends change rapidly. So if you are not aware of your work and have not made an equal look on the market, then you will soon find that you are out of the game. Therefore it is important that you first know the market and then the customer. Be well aware of the technological advancements in your area. Also, there should be the ability to analyze these trends inside it. The fashion that has been caught in the trend today, does not necessarily mean that it remains in stores even tomorrow. And the big deal is that nowadays demand for the market does not change gradually, it disappears suddenly. If one day the stripe is in the trend, then the next day the color neon’s fashion goes out and the next week the nude sweater will come in fashion. Likewise, in a short time the demand for leather pants starts. You need to keep yourself updated according to this progress at all times, how the traditional techniques and methods are changing in a day-to-day way. Many students make the mistake of assuming that fancy or fantasy is a fashion. They should understand that this is an industry and like every industry, it is necessary to keep in-depth knowledge about the industry’s research and the players and other people related to it.

Hard work required
The biggest difference between being typical and ordinary in the fashion industry is copying or working according to someone’s say. If you do your work according to someone else’s say, copy a design and stop thinking yourself, how can your work be different from the work of thousands of other artists, that is, your work will look like the rest. Qualifying to be a successful entrepreneur means that you have to go out of the previously formed boundary and do not go blind on corporate orders.

Put Yourself on Trust
Whether to start a private enterprise or work on a project in college, designers should have enough confidence in their work and if they are necessary, should show the courage to keep that work in front of the people. Showing courage to take risks is an inner quality, which can only be talked about, but can not be taught at fashion school.
Do not keep back from taking risks
Ultimately it is up to you to show you how far you can go, or take the risk of taking risks and how strong your will is to fulfill your motive. Young designers, who are stepping into the fashion industry, should never lose the courage to get a first ramp walk or work for a celebrity client. Arranging capital for business and dealing with industry politics can be difficult for the first time But remember that this is an area where many great designers have experienced such things themselves. It is okay to work in your borders, sometimes do not be afraid to pursue your boundaries.
Spend time in market research
If you think that the designers can be successful in their own world and they have no need to watch the news on the television or in the evening, then you are wrong. This is essential for every designers
Love your everyday life
You should love your work only if you can expect that the other person will love your work. There should be some shocking or misleading thing in your work, otherwise your work will be left as an ordinary garment.
There will be nothing new attraction in it. This shocking thing comes only when you are doing whatever you are doing and take it in your heart and prepare it wholeheartedly. You should not compromise your work with any kind of compromise.
And listen carefully to the advice of your senior people. Confidence is a good thing, but super self-confidence is dangerous, which can damage itself and prove fatal to a career.
Extend the degree experience too
Studying from Fashion School does not mean that you do not have to learn anything anymore. Inverse this is the beginning of learning. It is very important to learn from other experiences, especially in the few years of the beginning. You should always be ready to learn something by going to senior designers, artisans and craftsmen. You should know how successful people have achieved success and how they face the challenges of starting their own work. You listen in yourself And should have the qualities of looking at the work of senior people in your mind. You can take advantage of their experience and move on.
Know the Material
Leather, lace, fur, cotton or silk Fashion students often wear a whole semester to identify different types of clothes. If they learn also what kind of clothes are and do not make any mistake in identifying them but they will not be able to tell where it comes from and where it makes it. It is not enough to identify different types of clothing and fashion related materials available in the market. Students should also know what is the process of making it and how it is produced.
Practical experience is very useful. Lovers and students who are less interested in their work are dependent on Wikipedia or Google to get all sorts of information. Knowing where the material you are using comes from and where it comes from
And what can be used for it, you can become more efficient than those fellow students who are unaware of the source and origin of clothing and other materials.
Keeping in-depth information about clothing and other essential materials not only allows you to choose the right clothes and materials for your design, but also keep information about its history and cultural importance which gives you extra confidence. 

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