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Best Baby Swings Buying Guides

Most parents agree - a baby swing is really useful for calming and soothing a fussy baby. When babies cry, our automatic response is to walk them or rock them, in imitation of the soothing movement of the womb. At times, though, this proves unsuccessful, and while the parent can get tired, most babies have endless stamina for crying!

At such times a baby swing comes in really handy, as a place for baby to be softly lulled into peaceful silence. Even during calmer moments, the baby swing can be a great place to safely leave baby while you get on with other things. He or she may even drop off to sleep while in it, leaving you free for longer!

There are so many different models of baby swing on the market, each with its own set of features. Although they essentially all perform the same function, many have added extras or variations in function that are designed to cater specifically to you and your baby’s needs.

When buying a baby swing, you need to evaluate in five main areas:

Safety and Comfort: Examine the seat of the swing to see if it is well-padded, and get your baby to try it out. Does he or she look well-supported and comfortable? A seat with several recline positions is ideal, as newborns need to be fully reclined while an older baby may like to sit up more. Extra head support is also important if you plan to use the swing for a very young baby.

Check that there is a full five-point harness so that your baby cannot wriggle out of the straps. Also, make sure the base of the swing is sturdy and wide, so it doesn’t tip over easily.

Power Source: Baby swings come in two varieties - wind-up and battery operated. Wind-up swings are more economical, but there is some element of manual effort and you won’t get a very long swing period each time. Battery operated swings tend to be an easier option. They are usually quieter, and most offer several different speeds to suit baby’s comfort level.
    Sound and Movement: Some swings have a side-to-side movement, while other swing forward and back. Unless the swing you pick has both options, try to get your baby to try them both out in the store before you buy - he or she may have a preference for one over the other. Variable speed options is also good because it allows you to adjust the speed as your baby grows and his weight affects the movement of the swing.

    You should also see what kind of music the swing plays, if any. Is there a choice of songs or melodies that you can switch between? (You’ll soon find out how annoying it can get to listen to the same tune over and over). A volume dial is also a huge benefit, so you can keep sound low when baby is trying to fall asleep - or when you are.

 Portability: If you anticipate moving your baby swing from room to room, a portable swing might be a good idea, as they are lighter than conventional swings and easier to move around and set up. They also tend to be smaller and lower to the ground, which is a plus point if your living space is on the small side.

 Extra features: Many baby swings also function as activity centers and feature toys, mobiles, lights, mirrors and toy/snack trays. Check to see what extra options there are in addition to sound and speed, but make sure the tray (if there is one) can swing open or be removed completely, which makes it easier to remove a sleeping baby.

    If you’re likely to use the swing outdoors, look for one which comes with a sun canopy or hood. 

We have heard many new parents praise their swing for soothing an otherwise inconsolable baby. However not all babies love a swing, in fact some never take to it. Since this is one of the more expensive purchases you'll be making, we suggest you first borrow a swing from a friend. If baby loves it, go ahead and buy one. If not, you just saved yourself lots of dough not to mention storage space. A walk through the swing aisle at Babies R Us illustrates the dominance of Graco in the swing biz. Graco makes several different models with different features.

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